Posted by Lindsay Kluge on Wednesday, February 10, 2021

February can feel like quite the duo month. And lovely as that can be, it can be equally lovely to spend the last of the winter quiet alone, with just yourself. I create a February tea for one blend nearly every day this month, and enjoy it just for me, to sip on while I work, or enjoy in the peaceful evenings of quiet solitude. The practice of preparing tea blends for oneself is such a tender thing…to nurture to your own desires and tastes, or your own daily cravings and body requests. A simple act, but aren’t those the most personally impactful?

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Infusing herbs in my home office has become my favorite form of aromatherapy. I spend hours alone in this little corner of my home, dutifully typing away at articles and emails, and wistfully gazing out the snowy windows when my creativity starts to wane. A slow process since this past spring, I’ve taken plenty of intentional time making my home office a space I enjoy to be in. As one who is heavily influenced by my surroundings, it’s essential that my home nest feels like a reflection of my inner self – calm, ethereal, natural, orderly, and whimsical. Keeping plants and herbs in my space reinforces my desire for always tending to my connection with plants, inwardly and outwardly. Enjoying a purposeful pot of tea while I work and create is a little joy that I get to make for myself every day. And you can, too.

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In February, I gravitate towards flowers and spring colors, sweet flavors and mineral-y tastes to tide me until the coming of spring in a few short weeks. Pink rose, vibrant hibiscus, gentle purple lavender, and nourishing nettle is my tea-for-one craving this week, to fill my (heart and soul) cup, and infuse my space with delicious aromas.

Posted by Lindsay Kluge on Monday, February 1, 2021

Slow-cooker and crock pot recipes in the winter months are incredible. I’m always craving a one-pot warming soup on snowy days, and the slow-cooker option on my InstaPot lets me dump a hodgepodge of ingredients in there in the morning, smell it cooking all day long, and leaves me with several servings of delicious, nourishing stew for the week (or a few extra servings in my freezer). This recipe for everything creamy chicken & wild rice soup is slow-cooker friendly, and amenable to any veggies you have at the end of the week.

Veggie options: Onions, squash, carrots, celery, potatoes, turnips, broccoli, cauliflower, peas, lentils, parsnips. You can also add chopped greens during the last 30 minutes such as kale, collard greens, chard or spinach.

Spice options: sea salt, black pepper, garlic granules, turmeric, ginger, fennel, basil, oregano.

Top with: Shredded parmesan cheese, fresh parsley, hemp seeds, nutritional yeast, extra fennel seeds.

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All of the goods go into the pot first thing (except the cream of mushroom condensed soup, which is optional but highly recommended) and left to cook for several hours. The cream of mushroom condensed soup gives it the last minute creaminess and an extra rich, nourishing flavor. Enjoy the intoxicating smell on a lovely snow day while you sip some of your favorite herbal tea and curl up with a good Sunday book.

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