“For about two years, I had tonsillitis at least three times during the spring/summer allergy season. It got to the point where the doctor told me my only option was just to have my tonsils removed. Luckily, I had a consultation with Lindsay Kluge, who had a few proposed solutions — none of which required surgery.

After meeting with me one-on-one for about an hour, Lindsay developed a specialized tincture to help prevent the issues that led to the tonsillitis before it would start, and a tea to soothe the symptoms. I haven’t had tonsillitis (or strep throat for that matter) since!

Lindsay is an intelligent, intuitive herbalist and provides a level of care I haven’t ever seen from any conventional medical professional.”

“Lindsay is one of the most kind-hearted and capable practitioners I know.

Her formulas are targeted, effective and personalized. I was very stressed when I came to see her, and her emotional and herbal support brought me such a sense of peace. I absolutely recommend seeing Lindsay!

“Lindsay has helped bring healing to both my emotional and physical body in a time of great need.

My trust for her is enormous and the care she extends to me is incredible.

I am so grateful for everything Lindsay is doing for me and feel so blessed to have her in my life. A natural healer.

“I had never been to see an herbalist before and was very happy that I went to see Lindsay.

She is incredibly knowledgeable, easy to talk to, very thorough with her consultations, and genuinely cares about her patients and their well-being.

She gave me a personalized herbal blend and nutritional recommendations which are fantastic! I loved her holistic approach to health and would highly recommend her services”

“Working with Lindsay has been a real pleasure. She has taken the time to learn about my sleeping disorder and we have worked together to create a custom herbal tea that is in tune with my needs.

The results have been outstanding and the flavor is great to boot.

I sleep more deeply when the need arises and I wake fully rested.”

“Lindsay was thorough and compassionate, considerate and genuinely interested in my well being.

I did not feel as if she had an agenda or a check list with which to mold me but instead a heart from which to hear me and help me. Thank you!”

“Lindsay was extremely knowledgeable and professional while maintaining a caring, comfortable atmosphere. She articulated her steps to ensure clarity and made sure she gained a complete understanding of my needs.

I would recommend her to anyone!”

“When everything else in the medical world had failed me, Lindsay gave me almost immediate relief from my symptoms after one single visit.

Believe me, when I came to see her I was frustrated, angry and untrusting of most medicines having been mismanaged by the conventional medical community for years. She was able to weed through ALL of my medications, supplements, dietary challenges and arrive at a clear health trajectory and set solid, attainable goals within a reasonable time line.

Together, we have met all of my health goals. She is extremely patient, calm, and did not pass judgment once on the medical community which had failed me, but rather offered to work hand in hand with my current doctors and health providers. Even my doctors trusted her and always had their questions answered.

I have never seen such seamless partnership with a holistic health practitioner before. She was truly a life saver.

“Lindsay has provided excellent service in preparing herbal medication for many of our patients over the past 3 years.

Ms. Kluge has a thorough knowledge of herbal medicine. She has provided prompt, caring, affordable and courteous service to our patients. She is a valuable resource to us regarding choice of herbs and optimal sources and forms. Dr. Wright and I often strongly recommend her to our patients.”

-Virginia Integrative Medicine, Charlottesville, VA