Nutrition + Herbal Medicine

“Lindsay is one of the most kind-hearted and capable practitioners I know. Her formulas are targeted, effective and personalized. I was very stressed when I came to see her, and her emotional and herbal support brought me such a sense of peace. I absolutely recommend seeing Lindsay!


“Lindsay has helped bring healing to both my emotional and physical body in a time of great need. My trust for her is enormous and the care she extends to me is incredible. I am so grateful for everything Lindsay is doing for me and feel so blessed to have her in my life. A natural healer.


“I had never been to see an herbalist before and was very happy that I went to see Lindsay. She is incredibly knowledgeable, easy to talk to, very thorough with her consultations, and genuinely cares about her patients and their well-being. She gave me a personalized herbal blend and nutritional recommendations which are fantastic! I loved her holistic approach to health and would highly recommend her services”

Business Mentorships

“I enrolled in Ginger Tonic Botanicals Business Mentorship program because I left my job to start my business and I felt that I needed some coaching in order to get organized and move forward. There are so many coaching programs out there, but I wanted something more specific to my business, rather than a general mentorship/coaching program.  This was a great decision.  This program is well structured, but I also had some specific needs.  Lindsay was flexible and I felt that she kept it well structured, but also customized the schedule to meet me where I was rather than me fitting into her structure. She is very knowledgeable and shares so much valuable information.  I highly recommend this program!  You won’t be disappointed and you will definitely get a lot out of it.”


“Lindsay’s program did not disappoint.  She took me through everything I needed to know to get set-up with a strong start,and all at my own pace. I was moving across country during this time, and she was flexible and patient. I know there is no way I’d be where I am 6 months later without her consultations and expertise. When I finally was able to launch my business, I felt ready and proud of what I had created. I booked three clients the first week, and I attribute all of that to Lindsay’s help. I also love that everything we worked on together is saved for me, so I can always go back and refer when I need.  I value working with Lindsay so much, I plan to continue working with her for my CNS supervision requirements. I could not be more thankful and happy our paths crossed at MUIH. I highly recommend Lindsay to anyone looking for high-value business information in the world of integrative health and nutrition. I would not be where I am today without her! ” 

CNS Supervision

“Working with Lindsay as my CNS supervisor was an amazing experience.  She always allowed me to describe my client plans without interruption or trying to say how she would have done it.  When she had ideas for additions to my plans they were thoughtful and enhanced what I was already doing.  I never felt that my way of practicing had to be just like hers and she really allowed me to grow into my own rhythm as a practitioner. “


“I worked with Lindsay to attain my 1,000 hours of supervised practice experience for the CNS credential.  I have been in the nutrition field for several years so I was able to earn my hours by seeing clients in my private practice. I met with Lindsay remotely to review client cases which was an invaluable learning experience. As I was preparing my client plans, Lindsay provided thoughtful critiques and new ideas without thwarting my own personal approach. She is highly knowledgeable and experienced in holistic nutrition and herbal medicine so I was grateful to have the opportunity to work with a supervisor who is not only a delight to chat with but also a wellness guru! 

Lindsay is incredibly organized and thorough which made the SPE process much easier since there are so many moving parts to keep track of. I really appreciated how Lindsay was flexible with scheduling and was able to accommodate the timeline that fit my needs. Additionally, she has been a wonderful resource guiding me through the process of applying for the CNS now that I have earned my degree and completed my hours.”