Creating Your Magic Tech-Free Work Nook

Posted by Lindsay Kluge on Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Beginning in January, I’ve been mindful about creating spaces and extra time in my life dedicated to tech free space work space. I’ve been creating magic work nooks all over the place these days. It became pretty apparent last year that an inordinate amount of my time and energy was spent kind of sucked into cyber space for either work or fun or pleasure or default or habit, and I think it’s reasonable to say that so many of us are in this addiction today and we’re really not loving it. It’s hard to step away. So much of life is online now. So much of our livelihoods, our community, our resources reside on this plane, and it’s really, really not a healthy place to hang out in as often as most of us do.

Let me just go ahead and recognize that I’m writing a blog post about this, assuming you’re all reading on your wi-fi connected computers with your eyeballs still on your phones today. This little space is where I’m still putting in intentional time, and I’m not giving up all tech time – just the majority of it. And I’m being extra judicious about where and when I’m online these days. And I invite you to do the same.

I’ve found it to be a personal creative and joyful project to tuck little tech free spaces away in my routine, in my home, in my office, and in the places I’m visiting. It’s incredibly simple once I make sure I dedicate time to do it. I make a space – big or small- where there’s no tech allowed. No phones, No computers, No iPads or google homes or basically any electronics of any kind. If I’m able, I’ll shut off the wi-fi in the whole house for a while. I’ll fill a space with objects that make me joyful, like my favorite books, cozy beeswax pillar candles, a delicate and delicious herbal tea blend like Fairytale Tea (which is one of my all time favorite tea blends) and I make the space smell grounding, earthy and vibrant using a room spray. Usually my go-to is the Gaia Spice aroma spray from Mountain Rose Herbs, or I’ll smudge the space a bit with some white sage to renew the energy. These are all sensory and tactile things that my body responds to really well. When I’m around tech all day – most of my body feels numb. When I surround myself with visceral and sensory objects, those parts of my being like my eyes and brain and skin and heart feel more energized. And it makes these magic work nooks SO appealing to return to over and over and over again.

And yes! You too can do this in even the most cluttered and uninviting of spaces! If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed and addicted to being connected (but really pretty much disconnected, right?) to the cyber world, start simple and small. Pick a space – either your desk or your bed or your car or your kitchen or dining room. For a few minutes or hours or even days (yes!), fill this space with tangible objects that bring you joy and comfort. I would recommend things that you can touch and smell and even taste to make the experience even more sensory. Really melt into those things. Enjoy a long story from an actual book and brew a cup of tea to sip on for hours. Bust out those crafts and work with your hands for a while. Create art. Practice your instruments. Spend one-on-one time with your partner. Play with your pets. Get out of the mindless default of screen distraction and really soak in those sensory feels. It doesnt take much – but it does take dedicated time.

Personally, I think herbs make these magic work nooks totally dreamy (obviously), and I take every opportunity to stock my apothecary and cupboards and office space with herbal goodies. Teas, aroma room sprays, aromatherapy, naturally scented candles and fresh herbs and flowers fill up the senses like none other. Sometimes they’re literally just outside your door – so bring those in! If you’re needing some inspiration, visit Mountain Rose Herbs and stock up on a few ethically sourced magic nook talismans. (Also – FYI – I love giving these sorts of things as gifts to friends that I know need some deep self care time.) Keep it simple, and creativity will come naturally. I’d love to hear what you’re creating and the little objects that help you set your space! How are you creating your magic tech free nooks this year? And what may be standing in your way? I know, starting to step away from tech is HARD. It’s weirdly hard. Even 5 minutes of intentional time away starts to shift the brain space. And if you need a super simple place to start – just park yourself under a tree for a while and soak in some grounding energy.

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