Classic Calendula Salve

  • Calendula Infused Apricot Kernel Oil
  • Beeswax
  • Lemongrass essential oil
  • Orange essential oil

Measure the amount of infused oil that you have in a measuring cup and place it in a small pot (ideally with a pour lip). Turn on very low heat. 

(FYI – Just 1 cup of oil will make PLENTY of little salves…)

Add in beeswax pastilles, approximately 1 ounce of wax per cup of oil that you have. (Keep a small amount aside if adjustments are needed later.)

Warm this mixture on low heat until the wax if fully melted, stirring constantly. 

When the wax is fully melted, dip a metal spoon in the mixture to contain a small amount. Turn off heat. Put the spoon in the refrigerator for about 8-10 minutes to make sure it is solidifying to your liking. If too liquidy or not solidifying into a salve like consistency, add about 1/4 tsp bees wax at a time to the oil mixture and repeat the spoon test until the right consistency is reached. If it cools too hard, add a bit more oil to the blend. 

Once you’ve got it just right consistency, pour the oil into small 1 or 2 ounce tins and fill just below the rim. Let cool for about 1 minute, then add essential oils. I used Lemongrass and Orange essential oils. 3 drops Lemongrass and 2 drops Orange essential oil per tin. 

Place the tins in the refrigerator to cool until solidified. Cover and store until needed. Carry with you for a simple lip balm, cuticle salve or first aide balm.