3 Month Wellness Partnership | Holistic Nutrition & Herbal Wellness

1, 60 minute and 5, 30 minute consultations (six sessions total)

*I am not currently accepting clients in 2020. If you would like a referral or recommendation for another practitioner to support you during this time, please send me a message below!

What you’ll receive – a thorough, initial 60 minute consultation discussing your health history, nutritional assessment, current health concerns, and goals. We’ll create a tailored health plan to include both short and long term goals (including diet, general wellness, lifestyle tips, supplement recommendations and herbal remedies, etc). We’ll check in every two weeks for 30 minutes to make necessary changes and add more layers into your foundational health plan to successfully meet your health goals. 

No more endlessly Googling your health concerns. You’ll have direct access to me for these three months, with individualized attention.

Review and fine tune your supplement protocol with a Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist and Clinical Herbalist.

Discuss appropriate and individualized herbal options to expertly match your health needs.

Receive a full nutrition assessment and a custom created nutrition plan.

This does include continued email support during these three months which allows us to keep in communication as your changes are underway and continued guidance and monitoring is available. Continued support is available after this 3 month timeline, and will be priced and scheduled individually, as needed. 

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Please briefly describe below the primary issues you’d like to address during this partnership and I will respond to your request shortly

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