Weekend Herbal Chai Black Coffee

Posted by Lindsay Kluge on Sunday, February 3, 2019

On the weekend, there’s more time for coffee. I go on and on about herbal tea (and honestly, that’s usually what’s in my mug), but little known fact – I LOVE coffee just as much as tea. Not being one to pass up extra lounge around time, I make a big French press of herbal chai black coffee on the weekend and sip into the early afternoon. I’ve always preferred straight up black coffee, never putting anything in it. So I’ve historically been a bit of a snob about really good quality coffee because I don’t mess around with the flavor. This version though, is a coffee + herbs potion I’ve been making for a few months now, and I’m loving it just as much.

One of the best/worst parts about working from home 100% of the time is keeping a separation between working hours and non-working hours. I have a tendency to just get stuff done if it’s on my to-do list, regardless of the day. I have a “touch it once” mentality. I don’t like leaving things undone if I know it’s just hanging out waiting on me to do it. I’ve put lots of systems in place to shut off during certain times of day and they’ve all kind of been semi-successful. But the number one thing that actually works for me to separate when I’m working and when I’m not is what I’m drinking. When I have coffee, that’s morning time, and usually around 6am-9:30am. I’m not working then, and I don’t start until coffee is done. Then I switch to tea, and my mind is super focused and ready. Weird I know, but it works. It makes morning coffee time all the more valuable for me. It’s not something I usually skip. This morning in particular, I took an extra hour to start my February book of choice, Boundaries and Protection and got halfway through in a wave of glorious headspace. Highly recommend this one. I know I’ll be going back and re-reading this a couple of times this month to let it all really sink in.

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Short and simple, I prefer using a strong coffee roast, coarsely ground up, and then adding some herbal chai herbs like dandelion, cinnamon, ginger or a bit of nutmeg. These days, I just empty a bag of Traditional Medicinals Dandelion Chai into the French press along with the ground coffee to let steep together. My coffee of choice has for ages been La Colombe (Corsica in particular) and then I add a dash of raw cocoa powder too. In my mug, I add a bit of coconut cream powder and Reishi mushroom powder to stir up a true potion feeling elixir. It’s subtle and sweet but comforting with the chai herbs and their aromatics. Sipped slowly, it’s one of my favorite parts of a morning.

Weekend Herbal Chai Black Coffee

  • 3 tbsp coarsely ground dark roast coffee
  • 1 tea bag (emptied) Dandelion Chai
  • 1 tsp raw cocoa powder (more for your mug, if desired)
  • 1 scant tbsp coconut cream powder
  • 1 teaspoon Reishi powder
Makes 2 mugs
In a large French press, add the ground coffee, dandelion chai and cocoa powder. Cover with just boiled water and let steep for 7 minutes. Press down. In your mug, add the coconut cream powder, Reishi powder and additional cocoa powder (1/4 tsp) if desired. Pour the coffee into your mug and stir well, and occasionally thereafter. Sip concisely and slowly.