Nootropics & The Beauty of Herbal Tonic Brain Support

Posted by Lindsay Kluge on Sunday, April 14, 2019
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Herbal nootropics and brain support may not seem as sexy as talking about adaptogens and nervine latte elixirs (although, I’d beg to differ), but man, do they take the gold for showcasing how herbs can really shine and work beautifully long-term as tonic, system specific herbs. Nootropics are a class of herbs that support mental performance. They work best when taken over several months to nourish the brain and mind, while supporting mental clarity, healthy concentration, and recall. Some of the classic nootropics include bacopa, ginkgo, rosemary, lemon balm, lions mane and gotu kola. They each have their special little offerings and areas of specific support, but when used collaboratively together (herbal synergy!) in expertly formulated dosing and potency, they’re an ally we should all keep on hand in our apothecary.

This year, I’m thrilled to be partnering with one of my all time favorite herbal supplement companies, Gaia Herbs. I wanted to bring Gaia Herbs into this herbal space to introduce you to some of the most expertly formulated and potent herbal formulas on the market today, almost all of which are grown here in the US. I’ve been a lover of Gaia Herbs for almost a decade, and it’s always been important to me as an herbalist, clinical practitioner, and blogger, to connect people and plants more intimately, and showcase those herbal companies who I truly admire and trust. Gaia Herbs is one of those companies. PLUS, they have a line of specifically formulated herbal supplements that target a particularly neglected area of whole-body health: nootropic brain support. (Cue time to nerd out about the brain for a few minutes).

Herbs for Brain Health

Cognitive decline can begin as early as age thirty, so tending to your brain health is just as important as getting good sleep, eating a nourishing diet, and supporting your stress response. So much can contribute to the way the brain functions (and declines) over time, including our diet, oxidative stress, environmental factors, and genetics. As a nutritionist, I focus heavily on consuming healthy, high quality fats and omega-3 fatty acids, along with antioxidant rich foods to reduce oxidative stress on the brain and body. As an herbalist, I focus on botanicals that support healthy blood flow to the brain (ginkgo / Ginkgo biloba)*, function as nootropic anti-inflammatories (bacopa / Bacopa monnieri)* and have been traditionally used to support the nervous system (lions mane / Hericium erinaceus)*. It’s rare that I only use one at time, as I rely on the synergy of herbal nootropics to really do the magic of tonic brain support. That’s one reason I love this line of herbal nootropics from Gaia Herbs. They use the highest quality nootropic herbs in combination together at expertly researched dosing to best support cognitive health over time.

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(Fun fact, the very first clinical trial I helped to facilitate during graduate school was all about using rosemary to support cognitive function. You can geek out over that study right here).

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty about some of these nootropic herbs and what’s in each formula, and which to choose!

herbal nootropics for brain health

Agile Mind – To support healthy brain function and help maintain healthy recall. A combination of ginkgo leaf extract, bacopa, turmeric, black pepper, gotu kola and rosemary (did you read that rosemary study I left for ya up there?). This is an ideal formula to use long-term (3+ months) to keep your mind alert, your recall sharp, and the turmeric included in this formula supports a healthy anti-inflammatory response in the brain from normal wear and tear. The brain deals with a lot every day.

Nootropic Focus -To support healthy concentration. This is one I’ve been using for a little while, as the bulk of some of my days are spent intensely writing, researching, or teaching. A combination of saffron, ginkgo. spearmint and lemon balm, this is an ideal formula for those who need help focusing on tasks for long periods of time.

Bacopa – Grown sustainably in the Gaia Herbs greenhouse in North Carolina, this rigorously quality controlled Bacopa monnieri is one of the only sources of this Ayurvedic herb grown right here in the US. Bacopa has been traditionally used in Ayurveda as an herbal tonic for brain support and nervous system support. Today, it can be relied upon as an herbal ally for anyone who wants to keep their brain fit: from an overloaded college student, to an aging, retired hobbyist who wants to keep their mind sharp. Bacopa is a rasayana, or a rejuvenative tonic, which promotes the revitalization of the body and tissues. This is an herbal ally to use for the long-term, where some people may start to notice cognitive effects after 6-12 weeks.

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Mushrooms + Herbs Mental Clarity – This is an ideal formula for primary nervous system support, featuring lions mane, reishi and cordyceps, with additional nootropics including gotu kola and rosemary. This is an ideal formula for folks who have perhaps undergone lots of stress (emotional, oxidative, mental…) on their nervous systems over time, and who could also benefit from the support of cardio-tonics like gotu kola and ginkgo to encourage healthy circulation in the brain.

Ginkgo + Gotu Kola Supreme liquid extract – This duo is a supreme a ally for supporting mental alertness and maintaining oxygen flow in the brain.Ginkgo + gotu kola do this beautifully over the long term. Liquid extracts are easily digested and quickly absorbed by the body, often being more quickly bioavailable than powders or raw plants alone. I like to take mine in a little water, or as an addition to my daily teas.

How to choose? Some of the herbs in these formulas may be a little unfamiliar to you, so read up on each one in the links provided in the formulas above, or visit access their herb reference guide to dive even deeper into this history and uses of every herb in their formula. Really assess where you need personal support, and what changes are happening in your body. Consult with a clinical herbalist or licensed naturopathic doctor if you need individualized guidance on which herbs or supplements to choose. And you can rest assured that when choosing a Gaia Herbs product, you’re getting the best on the market today in terms of quality, potency, sustainability and purity.

I’ll be really swooning over the Gaia herb farm later in June (when I go for my first visit!), and sharing more on Gaia Herbs’ growing practices in a couple of months. Keep an eye on my Instagram stories this month for how I’m using some of these products in my every day habits!

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This post is sponsored and made in partnership with my friends at Gaia Herbs. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I continue to proudly work with herbal companies that I admire and support for their commitment to purity, full spectrum processing, organic production, global consciousness, and maintain strict adherence to sustainability and responsible sourcing. Some of the sources included in this post contain affiliate linksThank you for supporting the brands that continue to make this blog possible.