Link Love Notes

Posted by Lindsay Kluge on Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Until I was about 27, I really wasn’t that into blogs. I never sat, curled up with mug in hand and pup at my side, drooling over endless food porn photo streams and dreamy travel blogs feeling absolutely transported. Everyone seemed to have a blog about something, and that just wasn’t part of my often already computer filled day. Eventually, friends of mine started blogs and I began to check out theirs, and then sort of naively stumbled down the vast rabbit hole that is natural health blogs, food blogs, travel blogs, sustainability blogs, camping blogs….oh my god the list just goes on. I started getting really inspired, and felt like a whole new world was opening up (hello, www. It’s like we never met before then?) When I had this weird (and kind of unnatural, for me) urge to start a blog of my own, I fought the temptation for a while, until one day, I just didn’t anymore. I think it’s because of so many other folks who shared their gifts of knowledge that somehow matriculated into my home and my brain, settling in for frequent one sided chats about their creative projects, foods, and philosophies. It’s amazing how connected we can seemingly feel even when we’re so far away. The cyber community can be intricately tight – like it’s own extended community. And that’s kind of beautiful.

Over the past 3 years, there have been a few blogs that have just blown my mind. Website that I constantly frequent, and often refer other folks to check out for recipes, products, style or just straight up solidly good information. Creatives with products that I love to support (and just get so giddy with happiness to see them successful), or philosophies I really resonate with, or with insanely good recipes (that are crazy allergen friendly) that are now part of my sweet and slow Saturday morning cyber visiting routine. Below is a brief list, filled with some amazing people I’ve come to really admire that I just wanted to leave right here, for you to peruse too, and get swallowed up by their beauty…

For the Foods:

Will Frolic For Food – Drooling over Renee’s food AND her photos on a weekly basis.

My New Roots – Revolutionary Pancakes are almost a weekly staple.

Local Milk

Nutrition Stripped – Blissed out black bean burgers are on my table at least once a month. Also, beautifully articulated nutrition info!

Vidya Living – juices, smoothies and SOUPS.

My Darling Lemon Thyme

Marte Marie Forsberg – for her cottage kitchen recipes and her absolutely gorgeous visual storytelling

The Forest Feast

101 Cookbooks -Her new cookbook, Near & Far, is probably the most beautiful cook book I’ve ever owned

Herbal Goodness and Goddesses:

Wooden Spoon Herbs – Herbal product beauty

Gaia Herbs – Amazingly top notch herbal products (and herb farm!)

Avena Botanicals – Herb sourcing, sustainable grown herbal medicine and beautiful herb farm.

Urban Moonshine – Bitters for the people!

Zack Woods Herb Farm – top notch herb farm and supplier for herbalists <3

Camille Freeman – my nutrition professor and sweet friend (video tutorials for the nerdy physiology for hippie folks too!)

Bevin Clare – my herbal medicine professor and sweet friend (with a clinical herb blog that is just spot on).

Natural Beauty:

Marble & Milkweed

RMS Beauty


Evan Healy

Juniper Ridge

Sustainability & Holistic Living/Style:

An Unhurried Life 

Pure Green Magazine

Reading My Tea Leaves

Ashley Neese

Free + Native

Elizabeth Suzann – those textiles….

Prana – (recycled) wool sweaters all winter long.

The Reformation

Nisolo – their Harper Chukka & Oliver oxford are my wardrobe staples, any season.

Beautifully Crafted Things:

Suite One Studio

St. Signora

Peg & Awl – keeping my work place a little rustically whimsical….also, beautifully made, sturdy work bags come with me every day.

With Lavender & Lace

What blogs and makers do you really love? I’d love to hear your recommendations!