Find Your Niche In Your Herbal Medicine Business

Posted by Lindsay Kluge on Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Finding your niche in holistic health is one of the first things I’m brainstorming with my business coaching clients. Whether you’re practicing herbal medicine, holistic nutrition, naturopathic medicine, health coaching, or even blogging, having a niche/speciality in your field is a huge opportunity to attract the exact clients (and readers) that you want to support and work with. 

The holistic health field (or “alternative health” field) is booming right now. There are thousands of blogs, social media channels, and influencers all getting in on this amazing profession. But few have the in depth education, practice experience, and know-how to truly offer individual insight and guidance to those seeking support from holistic healing. There’s so much more to it than advertising the latest products or herbal fad. It’s far too common to skim the surface, and create content – or even a whole consulting practice – utilizing only the basics.

I encourage those really passionate about making holistic health their profession to dive into their unique Niche.

Your Niche is Your Speciality

Having an area of expertise – your niche – is how people can seek you out, and how you can be known for your expert content. Marketing yourself as an herbalist, health coach, nutritionist or a blogger in the alternative health world is already a saturated market. How are you going to stand out in this field, and have your voice and expertise heard? One of the best ways is to continually create content and dive into research to support a specific area of health. Be it blood sugar balance, anxiety and stress support, skin health, balancing hormones after birth control, mens health and wellness, sleep support, herbs for pets, etc, there is always a large group of people seeking out the information you’re an expert in. There’s already plenty of generalized health information from non-experts out there. Your niche is your golden egg of expert information that you’ve taken dedicated time to learn about, and share with your clients and readers.

Three Tips to Find your Niche in your Nutrition or Herbal Medicine Business

  1. What do you find yourself reading and researching in your spare time? What conversations do you really love having with people regarding their health? Is there an area that you truly love to research, write about, or work with people individually?  This is a major clue in where your niche can thrive. Your niche should always be in an area that you love seeking current information and researching. Staying on top of the latest health research is really essential in maintaining a thriving practice.
  2. What areas do you find lacking in the holistic health arena? Have you noticed you’re reading the same blog topics and seeing the same health offerings everywhere you go? What’s lacking? For example, in a previous local community of mine there were over a dozen health practitioners specializing in supporting women during pregnancy, but none offered postpartum support. Big area of health support that needed to be filled there.
  3. Your local community is asking for it. Are you hearing people in your local community wanting support with weight loss? Is the local PTA struggling with meal planning support and feeding their family healthy meals during the busy school year? Are you in a community of mainly older folks needing support with geriatric health? Are there loads of kids in your community needing pediatric nutrition support or immune support? Take notice, and see what the common threads are. Your local community is an ideal pool of people that you can support with your skills.

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