In early May, when everything is crisp, fresh and bursting with colorful blooms, one of my favorite ways to indulge in this sweet and vibrant bounty is with a shared spring bitters salad. This recipe really takes advantage of the local herbs and greenery that's all around you (or at least making an appearance at your local grocery stores) while providing not only a deliciously fresh and crisp salad, but a digestively supportive light meal to boot! Early spring bitters - such as Dandelion Greens in this case - are slightly bitter and jam packed with good minerals and nutrients. We are often not accustomed to eating bitter foods today (alas!), however not long ago, this was the whole reason people would eat a salad before meals! Salads used to be made of wild bitter greens, freshly picked from the garden and lazily tossed in a bowl, topped with some fresh veggies and a bit of vinegar. Bitter foods are magic - and once you've ventured back to your salad roots with this recipe, you'll soon see why....Continue reading on the Suite One Studio Blog

I'm so thrilled to introduce a new collaboration, Garden to Table, with my sweet sweet friend Lindsay Emery of Suite One Studio. Fifteen years ago, Lindsay & I met and became fast friends, and during our young years together both dreamed of having our own creative businesses (that's the truth). Flash forward to today, and Lindsay owns her own amazingly successful and DOWNRIGHT GORGEOUS tableware design studio that I have been head over heals in love with since day 1 of her first design. At Suite One Studio, Lindsay's goal is to "make mealtimes beautiful", and we teamed up this year to offer my passion of brining your garden foods to the table for a truly delicious and ethereally beautiful table situation. Get the recipe for my Lilac Infused Honey + Rosemary Drop Biscuits on her blog, and you can shop her porcelain collection (shown above) exclusively at Anthropologie

Herbal medicine and nutrition is my expertise. Understanding plants, their properties, and their powers is my passion.


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