When the weather gets cool, and the brisk chill reaches underneath the outer lining your jacket, there's nothing quite like a sweet, vibrant chai spiced herbal tea to top off your day of adventures. I always love making a tea pot of a combination of warming ginger, earthy dandelion root, aromatic cardamom, sweet cinnamon and full bodied licorice to share with friends after a day out. It's almost like drinking dessert, and topping the autumn day off with a sweet seal. Some chai blends are a little too sweet for my taste, so this blend is carefully formulated to balance the sweet with the earthy, and warm you right down to your bones. 


A signature tea of fall and winter, my sweet roots tea is a take on the classic chai formula with some minor adjustments to make it a bit more therapeutic and medicinal while maintaining the sweet/earthy/warming flavor. There's a lot going on with this formula: from the liver loving dandelion, to the circulatory stimulating ginger, to the digestive criminative power of cardamom, to the adrenal supporting licorice, to the zesty sweet kick of cinnamon. This is the early morning blend for the dark, cold mornings when you need some warming stimulation and spice.This is for after a long day kicking through crunchy leaves and apple picking, pie making, movie watching night with friends. This is a fabulous gathering tea or a dessert alternative. One of my ally blends, and so beautiful too!

Dandelion - This gives the sweet roots tea it's deliciously earthy flavor, and subtly connects us with the past summer season. Dandelion root is one of my favorite liver protecting herbs, helping it to naturally detox and filtrate all of things things we put in our body. 

Ginger - This is my go-to herbal ally for getting warm right down to my bones. An outstanding circulatory tonic, this really gets the blood moving from the tips of your toes to the top of your head!

Cinnamon - Because what is autumn and fall without cinnamon....?

Licorice - An excellent adaptogen and adrenal supportive herb. This helps to replenish the stores of energy and enhance adrenal function while also tasting deliciously sweet and rich!

Cardamom - All of these sweet, earthy and rich flavors needed some aromatic pungency to balance out the flavor party happening here. Cardamom offers this perfect flavor, while also being an outstanding carminative in the gut, helping the process of digestion and balances the dampness in the digestive tract. Warming and drying qualities of cardamom are the ultimate ally for the cold, damp presence of fall and winter. 

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