Sleep has always fascinated me. Not only is it something I absolutely love to do, but the physiology and biological chemistry of sleeping (and the magical quality of dreaming) just nerds my brain out constantly. I could read about circadian rhythms all day, and ultimately decided to specialize in sleep physiology and circadian rhythm in Grad school. I eventually wrote my thesis on circadian hormone regulation with herbal therapies for my masters thesis, and (yes this is true) I actually loved writing it. I've come to discover that there is a huge population of people who need support sleeping without wanting to take questionable pharmaceutical drugs with absurd side effects (night driving!?). Of course, there is a huge lifestyle factor to getting a good nights sleep and establishing a sound circadian rhythm. But with herbs, there are some tried and true allies for restful sleep that I include in my favorite sleeping and dreaming blend in my Sandman Tea. This was what I always threw together on nights when I had a bit too much stress before going to sleep, or had one or two nights with weird sleep patterns and needed to make sure tonight was better. 


Combining some of my absolute favorite herbal allies, this specially formulated, restful sleep formula includes skullcap, peppermint, passionflower and lavender for a delicious, aromatic and restful combination that is soothing and calming to drink with dreams not far behind. Having a hot cup of tea before bed almost demands that you just stop what you're doing and sit down, relax, and drink this cup of calm. It's an essential night time ritual that I think more people could do with, and the early darkness of fall and winter are the ideal time to take that extra 20 minutes for your night time, wind down ritual. Sit, close your eyes, inhale deeply, release the shoulders, sip, swallow and exhale. Bliss. 

Skullcap - to relieve upper body tension and stress from the day, calm the nervous system and relieve tightness in the body. It's my favorite relaxing herb and fantastic anti-spasmodic, offering some generous emotional support

Passionflower - to calm the monkey mind at night. This is the perfect herb for that pesky little critter in your brain that just keeps making lists of things for you to do and review every single detail of your previous day and worry about all the things that probably won't happen tomorrow. He only monkey's around at night usually, keeping you awake and restless. Passionflower helps calm that little guy down, clearing your mind and resting the brain. 

Lavender - this is one of the best in night time teas especially for that glorious aromatherapy it offers while you sip it. It brings you right smack into the present moment when you breath in it's peaceful, serene essential oils. 

Peppermint - another fantastic aromatherapy herb to bring you into the present, it also calms the central nervous system, most notably the digestive tract which may need some extra wind down time after dinner. 

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