I'm so excited to launch this new "Essentials" series today! Essentials is a series that goes through some of the staples in my home and lifestyle and will cover everything from pantry stock lists and nourishing/supplement items, to body care and backpacking go-to's. Everything included will come from a holistic nutrition foundation, along with several years worth of knowledge from working in the natural products industry. Keeping my daily products as clean and sustainable as possible is always a driving force when I make decisions about what to buy, and from where. I prefer to support local small businesses, artisans and crafters, local growers and farmers and even national companies with a clean, sustainable and holistic ingredient philosophy (along with fair trade guidelines for workers and families). I've realized over the years that sometimes my biggest voice comes from how I choose to spend my money, and who I want to support. 

My Pantry Essentials is a general list of the things that are ALWAYS in my pantry stock room. Lots of dried goods, whole grains, dried beans, herbs, spices and oils. These ingredients are things I use in circulation every day, and I feel so fortunate to live in a city where all of these staples are available (thanks Ellwood Thompsons!). 
Details on a few:

  • I get most of my dried beans from Purcell Mountain Farms. They offer a great variety of delicious organic, heirloom beans!
  • Yellow Mung Dal & Kitchari Spice Mix I always source from Banyan Botanicals. This is my go-to resource for most Ayurvedic spices, herbs and dietary info. I love them to death. 
  • Herbs & Spices I often source from Mountain Rose Herbs for the things I use tons of (like ginger, sage, cinnamon or fennel). 
  • Whole grains I always buy in bulk and store in re-usable recycled glass jars with an air tight lid. 
  • Hemp seeds I source from Manitoba Harvest
This is by no means a complete list, however it's an excellent place to pull ideas if you're looking to overhaul your pantry and then make adjustments to make it your own. I love to try new sources of foods, too! If you have suggestions of great companies or farms that you like please share in the comments.