I've always enjoyed drinking broths during the colder weather months as a warming, nutritive addition to my daily diet. The vitamins and minerals we can extract from vegetables and high quality meats through hot water decoctions is just fantastic, and such an easy way to feel revitalized and healthy. Since I love herbal tea so much, I wanted to make an herbal version of a nutrient and mineral rich broth using equally nourishing herbs for (close to) the same effect and keep it nutritionally balanced. Thus, the Daily Nourish Tea was born. This has long been my go-to blend to drink all day, every day when I just want a hot beverage to sip on that's not only earthy, delicious and nourishing, but nutrient dense and whole body supporting. This is like a mug of comfort, and consists of extremely safe and abundant herbs. 


This blend is designed to be your daily go-to nutrient and mineral rich herbal ally blend. I was never a big fan of taking daily multi-vitamin pills unless they're really necessary. I love the practice of sipping a warm infusion of vitamin and mineral rich herbs during the colder months to deeply strengthen my immune system and nourish my body just a like drinking a vegetable rich broth. This is one of the more complex formulas, and tastes perfectly balanced, earthy and comforting. 

Nettles: The mother of all nutrient rich herbs. When in doubt - take nettles, I always say. Stinging Nettles are packed with vitamins and minerals including Vitamin A, Vitamin C, calcium, iron, B vitamins and sodium (often popular as an herbal diuretic). It is also high in formic acid, a potent anti-inflammatory when using the fresh little stingers on the leaves and stems. It helps to regulate cellular mediated immunity, curtail allergic responses, and due to it's rich mineral content is wonderful to enhance thicker, more lustrous hair growth. It's one of the safest and most proliferative herbs we have to utilize.

Hawthorn: I chose to include hawthorn leaf and flower for it's heart protective properties and as an overall cardiovascular tonic. It has a lovely calming quality, very comforting, and seems to stabilize how well the heart responds to things. With daily emotional ups and down's in life, hawthorn is an essential addition to most any formula. 

Astragalus: This is the deep immune tonic herb that I'm always including in my daily routine around the fall and winter time to strengthen my immune system. Astragalus doesn't acutely stimulate the immune system like echinacea would, it works more on a tonic, foundational level to strengthen the immune system over time, which makes it more ideal to take for long periods time / on a daily basis. And it has a nice, sweet earthy flavor that I just love. 

Yarrow: One of the legends of Achilles claims that when Achilles was a baby, his mother bathed him in an herbal bath of yarrow tea, but she missed his heal by clinging tightly to it. Hence, his weakness throughout life was his "Achilles Heal", as it did not get bathed in the strengthening, tonifying yarrow bath. Much like the legend states, yarrow is extremely strengthening and tonifying, especially to the tissues of the gastrointestinal tract, uterine lining and also the cardiovascular system. 

Alfalfa: Right on par with nettles, this herb (and food in many places) is rich in nutrients and is an excellent addition to the diet (especially as a tea) for mineral deficiencies. High in fat soluble vitamins E, K and also rich in vitamin C. 

Ashwagandha: This is one of my favorite Ayurvedic herbs as a powerful adaptogen and adrenal supporting herb. It helps the body adapt to stress by helping to maintain consistent cortisol levels while also building and nourishing the endocrine system. A perfect herbal ally for those who lead busy lives or are on the go more than they'd like to be.

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